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1st Birthday Celebration during Covid situation

Beautiful Baby’s 1st Birthday celebration at The Stadel, Kolkata in Covid situation. I took pictures while maintaining proper security hygiene & social distance.

Dhriti’s 1st Birthday 19.9.2020

1st birthday cakes for baby girl with name
1st birthday cakes of baby girl

Birthday cakes

Birthday decoration

1st Birthday decoration
Beautiful decoration of baby’s 1st Birthday
Birthday decoration

Birthday images

Dhriti's 1st Birthday image with mom & Dad
Dhriti’s 1st Birthday

Why would you miss your child’s 1st birthday. It can be celebrated with a little caution

The father is caressing the baby in his lap
1st birthday celebration during Covid situation
Dhriti’s 1st Birthday in Covid situation

Cute baby girl

Cute little baby girl playing with balloon on1st birthday
Mama & little Bhanji's candid photo of One year birthday
baby girl playing with toy star on her 1st birthday
baby girl playing with toy
1st birthday celebration in Covid situation
1st birthday images
Baby Dhriti's 1st Birthday Cake Cutting black & white image with mom
1st Birthday Cake Cutting
Mom & Baby's portrature of 1st birthday
First birthday Family Portrait

Cake smashing

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