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Professional Photographer – Chandrasekhar Chakraborty – India

Top Indian wedding & professional photographer Chandrasekhar Chakraborty's Black & white outdoor portfolio

About me :

I love to capture moments. It has been an affair which has lasted the longest. I have been involved with this art of capturing moments since my childhood learning this art gradually as I grew up. My Dad Mr. Ashim Chakraborty (professional photographer) was both my inspiration and my teacher who introduced me to photography. Since the very inception I discovered that the magic of the dark room fascinated me. It has been twenty long years since those early days.

My first assignment came in as I stepped into my late teens. I walked in to fill in the shoes of my father as an official photographer of the Saha institute of Nuclear physics. Slowly but steadily things started gathering momentum and I started exploring the world beyond the dark room and along with it my journey from analog to digital photography started.

The transformation was gradual for me. The art of the dark room started disappearing and the new age of digital photography started spreading its tentacles. As an individual trained with ‘film’ and analog cameras the digital world seemed different.Shots were not as precious as they used to be. Focus now, was on capturing the moment.

But I had imagination and photographic foresight on my side, essential skills that I acquired as a photographer in my early days of precious ‘35 mm film photography’. Things fell into their places as the digital platform helped me to spring board my heightened sense of imagination and helped me to blend them into the moments that I started freezing.

Time was ripe for me to launch into studio photography and explore the world of light, shadows and details of the portrait. Portraits lead me into exploring people and expressing the impact of such human relations through the language of freezing moments. A discovery in itself; from then on photography for me transformed into a mode of expression.

I started freezing moments and framed them for people who were like minded; who visualize photography as an art, as a way of expressing emotions, revisiting moments of togetherness or preserving tender memories. Exploring new dimensions with event photography I introduced a ground breaking way of portraying such events where I blended my skills as a creative professional photographer and also as an editor. Probably you will venture into a few of them as you browse into my website.

I am not just a shutterbug. I am a creative individual who braves the outdoor, who clicks photographs, edits, puts them on the board and composes a whole narrative which is hard to ignore. I stich moments together and I narrate stories. That is what photography is for me; the rest is on display.

Indian Wedding Photographer

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